Cash System Setup

The DEA Cash System is based around chatting. The more you chat, the more money you get, and what better way to show off how rich you are then to have a nice rank.

You have add rank roles with the following command: $addrank @Noob 500. This will give any user that gets $500.00 the Noob role. You can add as many ranks as you like, with zero limitations. If you wish to remove a rank, you can do so with the $removerank @Noob command.

Moderation Setup

Similar to the $addrank command, you may add moderator roles with the $addmod @Moderators 1. The number following the role was the permission level of that moderation role.

There are currently three permission levels: 1: Moderator, 2: Administrator, 3: Owner. Each permission level allows you access to a group of commands, Moderation, Administration and Owners, respectively.

If you want DEA to log the use of any moderation commands in a channel, use the $setmodlog #logs command.